Did You Get Your Flu Shot Yet?


The flu is so common that it is easy to forget just how serious it can be. Every year, the flu kills thousands of people and sends hundreds of thousands to the hospital. Fortunately, there is a simple thing you can do to protect yourself and your family: get a flu shot. If you haven’t had your flu shot yet, now is the time to visit your pharmacist to get one. Here are some facts you should know about the flu shot and how you can stay healthy during flu season.

There is no benefit to waiting to get your flu shot.

Some people believe that they should wait to get their flu shot until cases start appearing. However, when people start getting sick, you’re already at risk. Get your flu shot as soon as they become available so that you are protected once cases start occurring. It takes about two weeks for you to get the full level of protection the shot provides. It will last you through the entire flu season, even if you get it as soon as it is available.

You need a flu shot every year.

The flu shot isn’t like other vaccines that last for several years. Instead, you need a new shot every year in order to remain protected. The strain of the flu that is likely to be most prominent in any given season differs, so each year, the vaccine is designed to be most effective for that particular season. Last year’s flu shot won’t give you any protection for this year’s season.

Flu shots do not give you the flu.

The flu shot absolutely will not give you the flu. You may experience some symptoms shortly after getting the vaccine. In addition, some people develop the flu during the two-week period before the vaccine has reached its peak level of protection, but this is the result of being exposed to the virus during that unprotected period, and not the shot itself.

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