Flu Season: Why you Need to get your Flu Shot

As flu season starts to come around, many people are wondering whether or not they should get their flu shot. This makes sense as the flu shot is still relatively new and it varies in effectiveness from year to year; however, there are several reasons why someone should make sure to get their flu shot on an annual basis.

1. The Flu Shot Offers Protection Against the Flu

While some people may have gotten the flu in the past despite getting the flu shot, the flu shot does offer key elements of protection just as other vaccines do. The flu is a virus that mutates from year to year, similar to other viruses. The flu shot takes some of the most common strains of the flu and creates a vaccine against those strains. Therefore, the flu shot offers protection against the strains of the flu that are contained in the vaccine; however, someone who gets infected with a different strain will not receive the same degree of protection. Despite this, the flu shot is still effective against the most common and virulent strains. People should make sure to get their shot from a local clinic for this reason.

2. The Flu Shot Protects Other People

The concept of vaccination relies on herd immunity. There are people who cannot receive the flu shot for reasons of immunodeficiency, allergic reactions, or age. These individuals rely on other people receiving the vaccine so that they don’t pass the flu on to people who cannot receive the shot. People should make sure to receive their flu shot to ensure that they protect other people from harm. People should visit their local pharmacy to receive the shot.

3. The Flu Shot is Safe

Many people have expressed concerns with vaccination due to a variety of reasons; however, everyone should rest easy knowing that the flu shot is safe. People almost never have severe reactions to the shot and even mild reactions are uncommon. The shot has undergone extensive testing and has been found to be safe every time.

People should make sure to receive their flu shot annually. In Ellensburg, WA, visit your local pharmacists at Downtown Health Mart Pharmacy for your standard flu shot! Their pharmacists are happy to get to know you, counsel you, and answer any questions you may have about flu shots.