Fun Gifts for the Artist in Your Life

Fun Gifts for the Artist in Your Life

Artists can be fun people to shop for because they love creative gifts. While you can’t go wrong by giving paints, brushes, and sketchpads to the artist in your life, do try to think outside the box a little. The following suggestions can help you choose the perfect gift for that special someone. 

Trip to the John Ford Clymer Museum

A gift doesn’t have to be a tangible object. Sometimes, an experience is far more meaningful. Consider inviting your friend or family member to visit the John Ford Clymer Museum with you. It’s conveniently located in Ellensburg, WA. You’ll see a vast collection of beautiful Western artwork. If you’re not a local and unable to travel to Ellensburg, consider taking the artist to any art museum near you.

Western Art Print 

Western artwork can inspire awe while also evoking a simpler past. If the artist in your life loves nature themes or other aspects of Western artwork, consider purchasing a print for him or her. Even if you aren’t able to travel to the John Ford Clymer Museum, prints are available in the online gift shop.

Sketching Wallet

One problem with art supplies is that they tend to be bulky and difficult to carry around. Yet, artists often want to do sketches whenever inspiration strikes. The solution is a sketching wallet, which features a small sketchpad, graphic pencils, and charcoal pencils. The sketchpad is large enough to get the job done, yet small enough to discreetly tuck into a bag.

3D Pen

3D pens are a fun and quirky invention that allows artists to bring their drawings to life. It extrudes warmed plastic in various colors from the pen’s nozzle. This enables 3D pictures drawn on paper or canvas, but it also allows artists to “draw” in mid-air to create 3D sculptures.

Artists and art lovers alike will enjoy a visit to the John Ford Clymer Museum and Gallery in Ellensburg, WA. The museum features an onsite gift shop, where you can purchase beautiful Western art prints for that special someone. If you have any questions, you can call their office at (509) 962-6416.

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