Getting the Most from Your Visit to an Art Gallery

Everyone should visit an art gallery at least once. It’s a different experience than visiting an art museum. You’ll be able to view work by local and regional artists. Art galleries can be more interactive—you may even have a chance to meet the artist! Plus, if you fall in love with a particular piece, you can purchase it and enjoy its beauty every day.

When to Go

Most art galleries are busiest on the weekends. If you prefer to examine art in a quiet setting, try to go during the week. An exception is opening night, which is always fun for art admirers and artists.

What to Bring

Bring a friend or significant other with you. If you’re planning to purchase a new piece for your home, your partner should have a say in the selection. And if you’re going with a friend, you can benefit from hearing about the artwork from another person’s perspective. You should also bring a general idea of what you hope to focus on during your visit. Check the art gallery’s website to preview the gallery rooms or exhibit booths. Make note of any exhibits you definitely don’t want to miss.

How to Examine Art

Art takes incredible skill. If you’re knowledgeable about art and art history, feel free to base your impressions on your own knowledge. But for a moment, do try to set aside your feelings about the artist’s skill, and instead focus on how you feel when examining the piece. Does the artwork move you?

What to Do Afterward

After your visit, look for reviews of the show in local newspapers and magazines. It can be more enjoyable to read reviews after you’ve already seen the exhibits. This way, you can compare your own impressions of the artwork with what the critics are saying about it.

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