Helping Your Kids Develop a Love of Art

Learning to appreciate art can be one of the most important stages of a child’s development—not least because it can inspire children to start creating artworks of their own! If you want to foster your child’s appreciation of art , you may be wondering how to begin. Here are some useful tips that will help you steer your child toward a natural love of art.

Provide your child with art supplies.

Nearly every young person loves to draw, and it’s likely that your child already has a box of crayons. But make sure that your child has all of the art supplies they might want to create their own original artworks, from construction paper to modeling clay. Your child might also enjoy using ordinary objects such as cardboard paper towel tubes and old shoeboxes to make art.

Show your child classic art.

There are numerous picture books out there that will allow you to expose your child to any number of great artists. Some children might enjoy the bright, vivid colors of Van Gogh, while others might enjoy the wild designs of Paul Klee. Still other children might most enjoy realistic pictures of the outdoors.

Take your child to an art museum.

A first visit to an art museum can be extremely exciting for a child. Children can be fascinated by both traditional and nontraditional art, especially if you know how to introduce it to them. Talk to your child about some of the paintings you see—what is happening in them, how the artist chose to paint it, and how it makes them feel to see it.

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