How To Sell Your Art!

All artists know that making a living solely through the sale of their work can be an uphill battle, but implementing these helpful tips can produce strong results in a reasonable amount of time. Like entrepreneurs in any industry, artists must expand their name recognition and increase the number of people exposed to their work. Even with the benefits of a strong social media presence, face-to-face networking remains a powerful tool. Combining both strategies will likely yield superior results especially when you focus on the three areas below.

Partnering with local galleries and art groups will help you to understand your local market better, and spending time with other artists can provide insightful points of view from others with similar goals to your own. Virtual artists groups can also provide valuable feedback and suggestions, but meeting face to face with artists adds a social element to your networking. Other artists can also provide much-needed support as they have likely been through similar struggles as they build their following.

Through your artist and gallery contacts, you will often hear about upcoming juried and group shows in your local community. Applying for art auctions and juried shows is a great way to strengthen your connections in the local art world and also increase the outlets where your work can be viewed. Juried shows are an effective way to make inroads into the sometimes closed nature of local arts communities. Exposure to art critics and various publications will only increase the stature of your brand.

Creating limited edition prints of your work will increase the available market for your work. Many coffee shops, local restaurants, and independent bookstores are happy to display and sell the work of local artists. By also providing a less-expensive option you can increase both your sales and your following. These prints can also be sold online as an additional income stream while providing a platform for your work.

Creating art is the simply the first part of the artist's journey to success. These suggestions can help increase your following and likelihood for a steady stream of sold pieces. For a chance to have your art featured in Ellensburg, WA, call the Western Art Association and Goodey Gallery today!