How to Help Your Kids Get the Most Out of Their Art Museum Visit

How to Help Your Kids Get the Most Out of Their Art Museum Visit

Every parent wants their kids to have a fun, enriching childhood full of happy memories. A day trip to an art museum is the perfect way to make memories to last a lifetime. When kids are exposed to artwork at an early age, they may be more likely to continue appreciating it in adulthood. Use the following tips to help your kids get the most out of their visit.

Check for current and upcoming exhibits.

Many art museums plan special exhibits throughout the year. Check the website for special events. If possible, plan your visit to coincide with an exhibit that features a particular theme you know your kids will love.

Discuss the rules in advance.

It’s important that your kids have fun at the museum, but they also need to know the rules. Your kids may be accustomed to interactive children’s museums, which encourage the touching and manipulation of the materials. Before you leave the house, make sure your kids know that they must not touch the artwork. Getting everyone on the same page can help avoid difficult situations later.

Make your visit interactive.

Although your kids can’t touch the artwork, a visit to an art museum could become interactive with a little advance planning. Bring some sketchpads and colored pencils. Have your kids find their favorite paintings, and then sit down to draw them.

Take your time with each painting.

Modern families are accustomed to rushing about, trying to fit everything into the schedule. A visit to an art museum is a relaxing change of pace. There’s no need to rush. Pause in front of the artwork and talk about what it means to you, encouraging your kids to do the same.

If your family lives near Ellensburg, WA, consider planning a day trip to the John Ford Clymer Museum and Gallery. Featuring the historic artwork of John Ford Clymer, this museum offers an unforgettable experience with the kids! To inquire about their current hours, you can call the museum at (509) 962-6416.