How to Properly Store Your Art

How to Properly Store Your Art

Storage is a crucial part of maintaining any art collection. Improper storage can lead to damage that can’t be repaired, so it’s essential to pay close attention to how you prepare and maintain your stored artwork. Whether you have pieces you are going to store at home temporarily or you plan to put your artwork in a storage facility, follow this advice to protect your treasured pieces.

Prioritize Climate Control

Climate control is one of the most important factors in storing artwork. Humidity and sudden temperature changes can lead to mold, cracks, flaking, and slackening of your artwork. If you are storing your artwork in a storage facility, be sure to choose a climate-controlled unit with a steady temperature in which humidity is maintained around 55%. For home storage, choose an area of your house that is protected from drafts and temperature swings. If necessary, use a dehumidifier to control the humidity in the room you are using for storage.

Choose the Right Wrapping

The protective wrapping you put on your artwork must allow air to circulate so that mold cannot grow. For framed artwork, wrap the piece with bubble wrap or a storage blanket and then put hardboard around the outside. Tape both layers with packing tape. For unframed artwork, use silicone release paper, then glassine paper before wrapping the pieces in a storage blanket and hardboard. Never use plastic wrap, which will prevent air from moving.

Store in Stacks

Artwork should be stacked flat rather than left upright for long-term storage. Avoid placing the artwork directly on a concrete floor or wall, as moisture from the concrete can cause damage. If you’re using a storage unit, use wood pallets on the floor and then stack the artwork on top.

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