Protecting Your Artwork from Natural Disasters

People who invest in artwork often do so with the expectation that its value will grow over the years. Unfortunately, a natural disaster can easily destroy a valuable collection. Even if your artwork isn’t particularly valuable, it undoubtedly holds sentimental value for you. You can protect your beloved collection by taking the following steps.

Protect your artwork with insurance.

Meet with an independent insurance agent to discuss your needs. Explain that you want an insurance policy for your artwork that covers natural disasters as well as “acts of man,” such as vandalism and theft. While insurance policies don’t generally make for interesting reading, it’s worth your time to very carefully compare policies to ensure you get the best possible coverage for your artwork.

Prioritize documentation.

An insurance policy alone isn’t enough to protect valuable artwork. You should also document your art collection extensively. You’ll need photographs, an appraisal, and the title and description of each piece of art in your collection. Upload these documents to cloud storage, such as an online art registry platform. This will protect your documentation indefinitely—no more worrying about losing these important documents.

Reconsider your glazing. 

Some artwork is framed with glass, while other pieces are framed with plexiglass. If you aren’t sure which material is covering your artwork, ask a professional framer to take a look. Any pieces that are framed with glass should be re-framed with plexiglass. In the event that the artwork falls off the wall, glass will shatter and may puncture the artwork, while plexiglass will not.

Use security hangers.

Even a minor earthquake or the strong winds of a storm gusting through a home could cause artwork to fall off the walls. Instead of using regular wire to hang your pieces, use security hangers. These will keep the artwork securely on the walls.

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