The Importance of Art in Education

When schools are facing budgeting shortfalls, they often first turn to cutting arts education in a bid to save money. The cost of depriving children of this aspect of their education can unfortunately have significant, far-reaching impacts. Arts education is an incredibly important part of schooling, and kids who don’t receive it miss out on a great deal. Here are some of the reasons the arts are so important in education.

Art teaches children to think creatively.

In arts classes, children learn to express themselves creatively using many different media. All children benefit from this exposure to creativity and this practice of being creative themselves. Children don’t have to be artistically inclined to reap the rewards of creative thinking. No matter what future career children pursue, the kinds of thinking they practice in arts classes will be relevant and beneficial. In school, children who are involved in art are more likely to be honored for academic achievements and to participate in other academic activities, such as science fairs and writing contests.

Art helps to build motor skills.

Doing arts activities helps children practice and refine their fine motor skills. Everything from using scissors to holding a paintbrush will help kids improve these skills. The practice that creating art requires will help to enhance these skills even more. Other artistic endeavors, such as playing a musical instrument, also offer these benefits.

Art helps kids build confidence.

Art helps kids build confidence in a number of different ways. It forces kids to step out of their comfort zone to try new things and to put their ideas out to a group. As they succeed and get positive feedback, they gain confidence in their abilities. In addition, art gets kids used to presenting their ideas, which will help them in other environments.

You can help your children discover more about art by visiting the Western Art Association & Goodey Gallery in Ellensburg, WA. This nonprofit group is dedicated to preserving Western art and introducing people to art from the region. Find out more about the group’s installations and events by calling (509) 962-2934.