Transforming Your Home with Art

When artwork and decor come together, they result in a beautiful and transformative effect on a room. Great artwork invokes powerful emotions because when the right pieces come together, they provide a significant impact on the atmosphere of a room. Below are some ways that art can transform your home when skillfully arranged.

Fill Your Home with Art

Combining multiple works of art, preferably of similar style or made by the same artist, creates a much larger impact. Filling in the blank spaces on your walls with a certain style of art can define the theme of a room, as well as, add character. Also, a house that is full of artwork appears to be more unique and interesting to any visiting house guests.


Positioning a spotlight on a wall highlights the art by making it stand out. Lighting can also be utilized to increase the shadows cast from the art pieces. The art should be well lit in order to avoid being so dark that it loses its impact and becomes muted out and dull. Good lighting will make the artwork pop and positively change the mood of a room. Also, having a combination of many light sources in a room creates an ambient light while also providing both accent and task lighting.

Color the House

A new color scheme can transform a room in many ways. Whether your choosing bright and cheerful or dark and ominous artwork, the color scheme of your art can help define whatever mood you may be going for.

Creating a Chamber of Illusion

Placing mirrors at strategic points in the house reflects the artwork from different angles, hence, allowing you to maximize the impact of the artwork. This tactic works well with big and modern style rooms. It is also a practical way of adding a touch of drama, especially to the entertainment areas.

Hanging the Paintings

First, style the most prominent wall in a room with the picture that has the most impact. Then, balance each side while keeping the image at the correct height, preferably eye level. According to art gallery standard, the center of the painting should be about 60 inches from the floor.

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