What You Should Ask Your Pharmacist About OTC Medications

What You Should Ask Your Pharmacist About OTC Medications Pharmacists are an excellent resource for anyone who takes any sort of medications, whether prescribed or over the counter (OTC). Never hesitate to ask your pharmacist if you’re confused about the dosage instructions or possible side effects. Even if you aren’t purchasing a prescription medication, you can bring OTC drugs to the pharmacy counter to ask any questions you may have. Will this drug interact with my current medications? Drug-drug interactions are a major concern for patients who take multiple medications. Some drugs work well together to help patients manage their health. But others can lead to harmful interactions, such as by causing too much or too little of the drug to remain in the body, causing one of the drugs to be ineffective, or resulting in side effects. Is there a limit on how long I should take this drug? Some OTC medications are intended for short-term use only, such as nasal sprays for allergies. Another example is OTC sleep aids. It you take a particular medication for too many days in a row, you may be at a higher risk of experiencing side effects. Is this drug safe for my child? With their still-developing immune systems, kids are highly susceptible to getting sick. However, many OTC drugs are unsafe for young children. The pharmacist can help you find an appropriate medication formulated especially for kids. He or she can also steer you away from potentially harmful drugs. Remember to tell the pharmacist if your child is currently taking any prescribed drugs or other OTC medicines. Is it safe to drive after taking this drug? Some OTC medications can cause side effects that may affect your ability to drive safely. For example, a drug may cause dizziness, drowsiness, or sensitivity to light. The pharmacist can counsel you about the potential risks and make helpful suggestions. It’s important to choose a pharmacy you trust to deliver high-quality medicine and reliable guidance. In Ellensburg, WA, locals go to Downtown Health Mart Pharmacy for medication counseling they can trust. You can contact the pharmacy at (509) 925-1514 with your questions.