What to Expect at an Art Opening

Art openings are for everyone, but too often, people stay away because they are intimidated by the experience. They don’t know what to expect and assume that everyone there will be an expert in art, and that they will be out of place. The truth is that art openings are designed to be welcoming to everyone, and you don’t have to be a darling of the art scene to enjoy one. If you’re considering going to an art opening, here is what to expect.

People will be dressed in a variety of ways.

Despite what you may see in the movies, there is no required dress code for an art opening. You will see people who have gone out of their way to dress up, and you will see others who are dressed very casually. Sometimes, you may even see artists who have come directly from their own studios, still covered in paint or plaster. Don’t worry about getting the fashion just right—there’s no such thing. Dress how you feel most comfortable, and you’ll fit in.

There may be food and drinks.

Often, there are snacks and drinks served at art openings. The food and drinks may be free, or there may be a cash bar. Some people will indulge and some people won’t. The one thing that most people won’t do at an art opening is become intoxicated, so keep an eye on your intake.

Serious buyers and art appreciators will mix.

Some people at art openings are actively looking to buy pieces. They will often spend time with the artist and gallery owner , trying to decide what to purchase. However, most people at an art opening are simply appreciating the art and are not in the market to buy.

The Western Art Association & Goodey Gallery hosts events as part of their commitment to promoting art that showcases Western America. Find an art opening at their gallery in Ellensburg, WA, by calling (509) 962-2934.