When Should You Replace Home Insulation?

Insulation is your best defense against the escape of warm or cold air in and out of your room. However, with time, the insulation may become less efficient and require replacing. Here are instances when you should replace your home insulation.

The indoor temperatures keep on changing

If you find variations in indoor temperatures without altering your air conditioner settings, there is a leak in the insulation material. This sabotages the effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems. Unless you know the possible location of the leak, consider replacing your entire insulation system.

Increasing energy bills

When outdoor weather sneaks into the house, your cooling and heating systems are forced to overwork to help maintain the temperatures at the required level. During these cases, they consume more energy than they would do if the house were well insulated. If you find out that your energy bills are constantly increasing, consider replacing your insulation.

Rodent and pest infestation

If snakes, mice, rats, bats, and squirrels among other rodents have made your basement, attic, or any other part of the house their residence, you need to replace the insulation in the affected area. These rodents usually leave grime and feces all over the insulation material. At times they will burrow into the insulation material leaving holes through which the outdoor air gets into the house. To get rid of them, seek the help of a fumigator and then replace the insulation.

Flooding and water damage

When there is flooding or leaking water pipes and the insulation becomes sopping wet, moist or damp, there is no way that the material can be dried. The wet insulation becomes a fertile ground for the growth of mold, which may affect the health of the family. Other insulation materials rot and give off an unpleasant odor. Replacement is the only way to deal with the situation.
Removing the old insulation and installing a new one may be a difficult task to undertake. Moreover, there are chances that you will leave areas that are not adequately insulated.

To avoid all of these, hire professional insulation installers at Key Home Services. They inspect, advise, and install high-quality insulation materials to enhance the insulation capabilities of your home.