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Questions to Ask Your Pharmacists About Your New Medication

If you have recently started taking a new medication, you probably have plenty of questions about how to use it properly. Most of the time, you can direct those questions to your neighborhood pharmacist . It’s important to know as much as possible about any medication to ensure that you are using it safely. Here are some questions you should be sure to ask:

How long should I be taking this medication?

Many types of medications need to be taken for a set length of time. For example, if you are taking antibiotics for a case of strep throat, you need to follow the exact schedule set for your medication—which means you need to keep taking the antibiotics even if you feel better. Other types of medications must not be taken for too long a period, or side effects may result.

Do I need to take this medication on an empty stomach?

Many medications need to be taken on an empty stomach to be effective, while others need to be taken with food. With other medications, you may want to eat before taking them to avoid a minor stomach-ache. Some medications even require you to avoid food or drink for a certain period after taking them. In any event, it’s important for you to know this before you begin using the medication.

Does this medication have any interactions I should know about?

Many medications interact negatively with other medicines and even herbal supplements. Even if the interactions are not dangerous, they can prevent the medication from working properly. That’s why it’s important to tell your pharmacist about any other medicines or supplements you are taking, so that they can advise you whether it will be safe for you to continue taking them while you use the medication.

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