In 1944 our great aunt bought what was to become one of the first Licensed Nursing Homes in the Pacific Northwest. In the late 50's our Grandparents Harold and Daisy Hyatt bought the building and renamed it Yakima Convalescent. For many years the building was completely full and 100% privately occupied. In 1979 our parents Norman and Carol bought Yakima Convalescent and the recently constructed Yakima Retirement Manor. Since then we have taken up the family mantle and formed Hyatt Family Facilities. Now with several facilities in the Yakima Valley and Spokane, quality is, and always will be, our number one priority. Whether you or your loved ones are receiving Short-Term Rehabilitation, Memory Care, or Long-Term Care, when you are in a Hyatt Family Facility you will feel like part of the family in your ‘home away from home’.